Basketball Coaching 101

Provides list of printable basketball drills, practice outline, court diagrams, rules, glossary, coaching tips, and an FAQ for new coaches.

Team Cowboy Website and App

This free tool allows coaches and players of organized sports teams to communicate and collaborate easier than ever before. As a manager of a team, you can keep track of members on your team’s roster, setup your team’s game schedule, record game scores, track payments, and much more. Use the site and app to automatically sends e-mail announcements and reminders of upcoming events so you can say goodbye to paper schedules forever!

A the parent of a team member, or player on a team, you can communicate with coaches and team members, and view your team’s game schedule

Team Cowboy is also available as a free app for Windows Mobile, iPad/iPhone and Android devices.

Sport Science

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What’s the science behind a home run? Why do curveballs curve? Learn about the game from players from the S.F. Giants & Oakland A’s.

Find out how this extreme sport is governed by the principles of momentum, gravity, friction, and centripetal force. Learn skateboarding history, technology, and more!

Check out RealVideo clips of top mountain biker, Ruthie Matthes. Learn about frames and materials from a custom bike maker. Try interactive javascripts that calculate braking distances and energy consumption.

Kids First Soccer

This site promotes a child-centered approach to the organization and instruction of youth soccer. Special emphasis is placed on the promotion of the game of soccer as a life-long, family oriented activity, that provides for child-parent bonding, team work and friendships, as well as, adequate aerobic exercise. It is authored by a sport psychologist and soccer parent for fellow soccer moms and dads.