Interactive Science Websites & Apps for Kids

Last updated: April 5, 2019

More than 500 free interactive science websites and apps. Elementary, middle high school students can choose from games, lessons, experiments and projects. They include topics in earth sciences, animal, human and plant biology, astronomy, and high school physics — even computer science and engineering. Many of the sites also have science simulations and lesson plans for teachers.

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    Recently Added Science Websites & Apps

    Grasshopper Coding App for Javascript

    The Grasshopper coding app is a great way to introduce kids - and adults - to basic coding concepts and how to code in Javascript.  You can download a version for your iPhone/iPad or for your Android device. You learn ...
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    Khan Academy Physics Course

    Learn or review physics concepts in this introductory level course that consists mostly of videos and short text passages. Khan Academy also has reviews for AP Physics 1 and 2. There are 19 sections that cover concepts in: forces and ...
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    Coding: Khan Academy Computer Science

    Learn the coding languages of the web - HTML, CSS, Javascript and SQL databases - with Khan Academy's self-paced lessons. The tutorials begin with introductions to each of these four languages, then combine them in advanced lessons. In the process, ...
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    Swift Playgrounds App

    If you want to code your own iPad and iPhone apps, this programming app designed for middle and high school students, is a great starting point. You don't need any programming know-how to start coding. The Swift Playgrounds app teaches ...
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    LEGO Fix the Factory App

    Kids in grades 3-8 learn early coding skills while they move a robot around a factory maze. They program the robot to pick up battery packs and place them in their correct locations in this app for iPhone/iPad and Android devices ...
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    VideoScience app

    In this iPad, iPhone app, kids can view more than 80 science experiments.  They illustrate lessons in biology, chemistry, electricity, physical sciences, engineering and more.  Dan Menelly, a science teacher and 2010 Einstein Fellow, hosts these videos ...
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    Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code

    Celebrating 60 years of discovery into DNA and the human genome, this site offers resources for middle and high school students and teachers for understanding the human genome and learning the history of the human genome project.  It includes a ...
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    Precipitation Reactions – VLab

    This virtual interactive lab helps chemistry students investigate precipitation reactions.  They build and check balanced chemical equations, and learn basic solubility rules.  Detailed background is provided, along with related activities, and a glossary.  For teachers, there are related resources and ...
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    Interactive Ocean Games

    In My Ocean, kids take a journey through the major oceans of the world, learn about food chains, the ocean's health, and conservation of the world's largest ecosystems. In the Toothpick Tylosaurus activity, kids use toothpicks to make a skeleton ...
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    Sound Waves – Some Basic Principles

    Curriki has a vast collection of resources for educators to use in teaching and reviewing the basic principles of sound.  Concepts include the period, frequency and pitch of sound waves and how they correspond to the sounds.  The resources include ...
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