Grasshopper Coding App for Javascript

The Grasshopper coding app is a great way to introduce kids – and adults – to basic coding concepts and how to code in Javascript.  You can download a version for your iPhone/iPad or for your Android device.

You learn each coding concept through an example, followed by a coding activity to apply it. and a quick quiz question to double-check your understanding.  Each concept builds on the previous one, so students get repeated practice.

The fundamental concepts in this tutorial app include functions, variables, loops, conditional statements (if/else), arrays, operators, and objects.   Kids also learn to code animations using an animation library of code and the fundamental concepts they have learned. The coder will then be able to build their own interactive animations.

For students who already have some basic computer programming knowledge, you can take a quiz at the beginning.  If you pass, you can jump right into some Javascript activities to apply what you already know.

The app requires login with a Google account to save your progress, but you do not need to login to start using the app.  Once logged in, the coder receives award points as they progress through the lessons.