240 Social Studies Websites for Kids and Students

Last updated: September 10, 2022

More than 240 social studies websites, games, and apps to get students engaged in learning history, government, geography and religion. There are project ideas, activities, lessons for teachers and information to help kids with research. Take an interactive history quiz. Play a geography game. Explore maps, timelines and other learning tools that put children in historic settings.

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    Recently Added Social Studies Sites & Apps

    Sacred Journeys

    Travel around the world in this series of videos to learn about religions and sacred places.  Host Bruce Feiler takes you on journeys to Jerusalem, Mecca, Japan, Nigeria, and more. The website includes an interactive map highlighting  where the major ...

    Trade Ruler Game

    Learn about how international trade works, according to the Heckscher-Ohlin trade theory. Become a "trade ruler" by trading with countries having different mixes of labor and capital. By specializing in production, and by trading with other countries, it is possible ...

    Supreme Court Case Project Ideas

    Learn about and apply your knowledge of landmark court cases that affect teens' lives. The US Court system offers eight project activities for high school students in the classroom. Most of them revolve around teen rights under the First, Fourth, ...

    The History Cat’s US History

    Written by a high school teacher in teen-speak, The History Cat presents US history topics in a more approachable way than textbooks. Sections cover colonial America through the Civil Rights era. Topics include:
    • The Colonial Age
    • Road to Revolution
    • ...

    The History Cat World History

    Written in a style designed to appeal to teens, The History Cat presents world history topics in a more approachable way than textbooks. Topics are complete up to the Cold War and include:
    • The Ancient World
    • Medieval Europe
    • Islamic ...

    The Five Major World Religions

    In this TedEd animation lesson, students learn the intertwined histories and cultures of Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. It begin with a video, narrated by John Bellaimey, that explores common existential questions of faith, life's meaning, and how these ...

    Intro to Cultures and Religions for the study of AP Art History

    This is introduction to Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam for high school students, studying for the AP Art History exam. The text emphasizes the relationship between these religions and the political histories and conflicts of their times. And, of ...

    BBC Religions

    BBC helps you explore 20 major religions, along with atheism.  For each major belief system, you can read a brief summary, and learn more about their major beliefs, deities, history, significant people and places, rituals and texts.  You can also ...

    The Why Files – Current Events in Science

    Update: Publication ended in January 2016. Stories and resources will remain on the site, but will no longer be current. The Why Files brings you the latest news in science and the scientific background for these current events.  This is ...

    American Democracy Game

    This interactive civics game helps middle school students gain a better understanding of representative democracy.
    • In Level 1, students act as elected officials dealing local issues, such as proposed construction of a dog park.
    • In Level 2, students ...