This interactive map gives you a new way to look at the United States by resizing states according to a series of national and global issues. Current data set include demographics, causes of death, education, family status, health and religion. You can embed a map you customize in your website or presentation.

“Do-It-Yourself” State Maps

The DIY Map Maker Utility creates do-it-youself state, US, Canada and Mexico maps to display data.  This is a simple, basic tool for displaying color coded information by state grouping or by groupings of counties within a state, or provinces within Canada.  Choose up to 12 different groupings of states,  6 for counties or provinces, along with your title, choice of colors and labels. The output will be a color-code .gif format map you can print or save.

State Capitals

Select a U.S. State from the map and choose the corresponding capital.

United States Interactive

Use several interactive maps to learn facts and figures about the states, geography, landforms and history of the 50 states, Washington, D.C., major U.S. cities, landforms, landmarks, parks and regions.  There are also quizzes and activities.

The interactives are flash-based. Some are also available as iPad-compatible, and are marked as such.  Additional premium features are available for a fee.

State Facts for Students

From site:

The U.S. Census Bureau collects and organizes a wide variety of population, social, and economic information for the nation and reports this data for many geographic units including states, counties, and blocks. Government officials, businesses, and school districts use these figures to make decisions that affect everyone’s lives, including students.

This lesson helps students learn about their state as they collect, organize, analyze, map, and graph a variety of information in State Facts for Students.  They have the opportunity to examine data about kids their age, as well as a variety of other facts selected to appeal to young students.