Pyramids – The Inside Story

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Follow a team as they reconstruct how the pyramids of Egypt were built on NOVA’s “This Old Pyramid.”

On this site, wander through the chambers and passageways of the Great Pyramid, and learn about the pharaohs for whom these monumental tombs were built. You can also follow the 1997 field season of a team of archaeologists as they excavated the bakery that fed the pyramid builders.

Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land

Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land is a website of educational resources based on discoveries in the Cave of Letters near the Dead Sea in Israel. 

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One of the most spectacular finds in the Cave of Letters was a packet of personal documents that belonged to a young Jewish woman named Babatha. Probably born around A.D. 104, Babatha became a woman of means who, by the time of her death around 132, owned valuable properties left to her by her father and her two husbands. (For more background on her extraordinary life, see Babatha’s Life and Times.) Here, have a close look at one of the 35 papyrus scrolls in the Babatha archive—a registration of land dating from the year 127—and get an inkling of what life was like for a well-to-do Jewish woman living under Roman rule in the second century.

Ancient Egypt Virtual Exhibit

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Expand your understanding of ancient Egyptian history and culture by visiting this online exhibit.

Get to know our 2500-year-old mummy by reviewing extensive CAT-scan images and manipulating a highly detailed 3-D model. Learn about excavation and try your hand at it, virtually speaking, by sending a buried message to a friend. Plan your journey to the afterlife with Eternity Travel, or play the ancient game of Senet.

Ancient Egypt and Greece

The Children’s University of Manchester has several interactive games to help kids learn about Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.  There are maps, timeline, exploration of ancient structures. Stuents learn about each civilization’s gods, culture, major accomplishments, and technologies.

Pyramid Builder

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The king faces you surrounded by an entourage of the queen, fan bearers, body guards and scribes.  His instructions to you are short.  You must build a pyramid so when he dies, his soul can rise up to the heavens and take his divinely ordained place among the gods.

Learn all that was involved with building a pyramid, from planning the site to selecting materials, finding workers, and constructing the pyramid. Get hints along the way that help you learn about ancient Egyptian culture.

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