Supreme Court Case Project Ideas

Learn about and apply your knowledge of landmark court cases that affect teens’ lives. The US Court system offers eight project activities for high school students in the classroom.

Most of them revolve around teen rights under the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and 14th Amendments. In each project, students research both sides of a landmark case. Then they act as lawyers for each side of the case, presenting their side to the other student “judges” in a modified debate format. The student judges vote on the side they think presented the best arguments.

The issues deal with basic freedoms of speech, religion, assembly, student press, and search and seizure at school. Other constitutional issues include students’ rights when in police custody as well as their rights for counsel and a fair trial. There are also cases related to Title IX, prohibiting sex discrimination in educational programs and school activities.

Students will also learn how to conduct civil discourse and practice how to make evidence-based decisions. Finally there’s a section educating teens about personal finance and their legal rights and responsibilities.