Plant Biology Flexbook for Grades 9-12

This Flexbook is an eTextbook on High School Biology.  Chapter 9 is devoted to plant biology.

The Flexbook discusses plant characteristics, their importance,  and life cycle.  Following that are lessons on plant evolution and seed plant evolution.

Next, the student answers a series of challenge questions to check for understanding.  They see the results so they know what to review.

The next sections discuss plant classification, nonvascular and vascular plants.  This is followed by lessons on seed plants, angiosperm, the plant cell, plant tissue, and plant growth.

Next, the students delve into roots, stems and leaves.  Then follows lessons  on plant reproduction and life cycle, the life cycles of nonvascular  and vascular plants,  gymnosperms and angiosperms.

The plant chapter ends with lessons on plant adaptations and plant responses

Teachers can assign the Flexbook to their students.  Free registration and login is required