Steps of the Scientific Method

In Steps of the Scientific Method, Science Buddies explains to kids each step from formulating a question and hypothesis, through testing, analyzing and communicating results.  Detailed help is offered for each step.  The site also has numerous science fair projects and a guide to putting a science fair project together.

Writing with Scientists Worksheet

This Writing Workshop shows students how to transform their research and science experiment notes into a science project report.  Dr. Susan Perkins takes kids step-by-step through the process of sorting and organizing background research, observations, and data from experiments into a report they can publish online, or use with a science fair project.

Scientific Methods at

This site offers a variety of Powerpoint presentations, links to activities for students, info for teachers and clipart.  Information ranges from the history to procedures and examples of the scientific method. 

Using the Scientific Method

From site:  Welcome to the Scientific Method page. This page was designed for middle school students who are interested in completing science fair projects using the scientific method.