Cleo Circuit World

Build your own circuits using an interactive wire diagram.  Then see the real-world components of your completed diagrams in action. Components include wires, switches, batteries, motors, light bulbs, buzzers, resistors, variable resistors, and ammeters. The bottom row of icons lets you switch between diagram view and component view.

This interactive is whiteboard friendly. But it could use some directions or online help. You can print your completed diagram. There is also a Save option, but it did not work for me. The interactive is flash-driven, so it requires a special browser for use on iPads.

Changing Circuits

The Changing Circuits interactive is a review of simple circuits for students in grades 3-5  Experiment with different devices that can be placed on an electrical circuit, such as light bulbs, switches, wires and batteries.  Learn how they are drawn in a diagram.

Take a short quiz at the end. It requires the student to deduce what will happen when changes are made to the circuit. Students can refer back to the interactive during the quiz to simulate the “what if” scenarios in the quiz.

Building Circuits

Learn the symbols that represent parts of a circuit and use them to build a circuit.  See if you can identify a correctly built circuit, and the parts of a circuit a diagram represents.

Circuits and Conductors

This circuits and conductors interactive electricity game and quiz is designed for kids ages 8-9.  Find different ways to make a circuit, and what materials make good conductors.

Magnet Man

From site:  This web site is devoted to magnetism and the cool experiments you can do with permanent magnets and electro-magnets.  Some of the experiments are very basic – things you’ve done since second grade.  Others are unique; perhaps you hadn’t thought of doing some of these before, or had difficulty in trying to set them up.  Lists of the materials needed for the demonstrations, directions on how to assemble them, instructions on how to show them, and notes on how they work are all here for you.