Discover Engineering

Learn more about engineering with these lessons, activities, and projects for students at all grade levels. Create a water purification device. Design a wind turbine to power an LED. Build a paper house that will withstand a storm surge. There are multiple ways to filter educational resources by type of activity, grade level, topic, engineering discipline, or time required.

In another section, learn more about what engineers do, the many type of engineering disciplines, and what you need to do to become an engineer.

The site includes extensive teaching resources too. In addition to lesson and project plans, you will find online training, project grants, and downloadable materials to promote engineering in your school and community.

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century

Learn about the top 20 engineering achievements of the 20th century and how they changed the world.  Each achievement includes a timeline, significant inventors, early years of development, and ongoing progress.  Some of the achievements include electrical power, the automobile, computers, telephone, Internet, laser and fiber optics, and spacecraft.


TryEngineering provides information, opportunities and interactive games for students ages 8 and up interested in engineering, science and math.

The section on careers let kids explore the wide variety of engineering and engineering technology majors and professions.  In the section on opportunities, there are links to dozens of competitions, scholarships and internships worldwide. 

The section on games gives kids the opportunity to play more than a dozen games using engineering skills and knowledge – design a bionic arm, parachute, roller coaster, computer grid, and more. 

And there’s a searchable database of more than 100 engineering lesson plans for teachers.

engNRICH Problem Based Learning

engNRICH offers several mathematical engineering problems for solution by students ages 14-19. There are more than 25 problems in the areas of dynamics, structural engineering, digital circuits and logic, decisions, logistics and control, mechanical engineering, power, work and energy in engineering, and electrical engineering. Each problem has notes for the teacher, hints and a detailed solution.

Design Squad Build

Put your engineering hat on, kids!  There are dozens of hands-on projects ideas for you to design and build.  You can sort projects by categories such as musical, building, party, or toys.  You can find projects by what materials you have at home.  You can watch videos of other kids as they design and engineer a project.

And that’s not all.  There are some interactive games to play, using your engineering know-how.