Are You My Blood Type?

From site: The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by matching the appropriate blood type of a donor to the blood type of a recipient. During each round, a total of 10 recipients will walk onto the screen. You then click on the donor you think is a match — there’s no guarantee that a match exists every time. Each round has a set amount of matches you must make to proceed, and time gets shorter with each progressive round you face.

The hardest part of the game is knowing what donor blood types match. You may also have a chart of blood type matches available while you play.

Secret Life of the Brain

Based on its TV programs, PBS’s Secret Life of the Brain website provides details of human brain development from what goes on in a babies’ and children’s brains, through the teens, adulthood and seniors.  There are alo interactives that allow you to explore brain anatomy, mind illusions and the technology behind brain scanning.

Brain and Senses

The Brain and Senses interactive games help kids learn general facts about what parts of the brain control different functions, as well as how the connected senses work – the eye, ear, smell and taste, and touch.

Teeth and Eating

The Teeth and Eating interactive games help kids learn about the structure of the tooth, types of teeth, teeth as children mature, and proper care of teeth.

Body and Medicines

The Body and Medicines has a variety of interactive games to help kids learn the bones of the skeleton, parts of the digestive system, as well as illnesses – diagnosing, types and treatment.