Earthquake Hazards Program

This USGS website offers students of all ages opportunities to learn about earthquakes.  For younger kids, their are earthquake games, puzzles, pictures and facts.  For older students and any student looking for information, there are maps of earthquake patterns, strength, models, warning systems, and current research.  There’s a tool for you to report an earthquake.  And there are guides for preparing for an earthquake before it happens, as well as what to do when it happens.

CK-12 Earth Science and Geology eBooks

The ck-12 Foundation offers several free digital textbooks – flexbooks – in Earth Science and geology for students in middle school and high school.  You can read the textbooks online or download them to your ereader, with the Flexbook app for iPhone/iPad or Android device.

In addition to Flexbooks, cK-!2 has PLIX modules – Play, Learn, Interact, Explore – where you can narrow in on specific concepts, such as mechanical weathering, to explore them more thoroughly. Concepts can be displayed in list format or within a concept map. PLIX modules also have apps for iPhone/iPad or Android device.

Finally, the site has study guides on many of the earth science topics, such as metamorphic rocks. The study guides include interactive quizzes, activities and projects, and summarizations of key points.

There are online forums for students and teachers and study groups. You can participate in these, and save your progress through the learning materials, with free registration on the site. Teachers also have the ability to customize materials for their students.

So hands-down, this is one of the premier web resources for K-12 Earth Sciences.

Earth Floor

From site: Sixty-five million years ago the Earth was not the way we know it. Where now an ocean ebbs and flows, the Earth supported land plateaus. The land upon which you now stride was underneath an ocean’s tide. And yet all kinds of species thrived and many of them have survived. From clams to trees to you and me Earth guarantees variety!

Explore rooms for plate tectonics, diversity, cycles, geological time, adaptation, and biomes on the Earth floor.

Extreme Earth

From site:  Welcome to the Earth Science portal on Extreme Science! This is the place to find information on world records in earth science and geological formations and to also read about key science concepts in the earth sciences, such as plate tectonics and seismology. Click on any of the earth science topics below to get the whole story – with pictures!!

Earth – Our World in Motion

Learn about the earth’s layers, composition, plate tectonics, rocks and minerals, and gravity.  Do some fun activities and experiments, like growing rock candy, creating a compass and making earth stationary.