NIDA for Teens

Get the latest information on how drugs affect your brain and body. The site has games, videos, and blogposts to educate teens. It also has lesson-planning resources for teachers, and what parents need to know about drug abuse prevention and treatment.

TeensHealth Drug & Alcohol

From site:  Smoking, drinking, and doing drugs can really affect people’s lives. Is your life affected? Discover the truth in this section.

Drug and Alcohol Teaching Resources

This site offers curriculum resources for K-12 educators for drug and alcohol awareness and abuse prevention. The site also provides substance awareness and abuse information as downloadable publications for parents and their teens, in both English and Spanish.

The New Science of Addiction

Learn about how drugs alter our brains to cause a chronic disease which result in a compulsive desire to use a drug. Learn what we know of the combination of factors – genetics, environment and behavior – that influence a person’s addiction risk. This combination makes it an incredibly complicated disease. These interactives and videos are designed to give teens, educators and families a better understanding of the complexities of the addicted brain.