Online Meta-Calculators – Graphing, Matrix, Scientific and Statistics

Several great math tools for high school students and teachers. Use the Graphing Calculator to graph up to 5 equations, finds intersections, can produce table of values. Use the scientific calculator for trig functions, inverses, logs, permutations and combinations. Use the matrix calculator to add, multiply, and transpose matrices and vectors. Use the statistics calculator for both basic statistics – standard deviation, correlation coefficient – and regression analyses,and t-tests.

Navigation for switching from one calculator to another is a bit quirky. You have to reload the page. A big plus for this site, though, is that you can save your work via a url link. Send it to yourself or your teacher. You can revisit the link and continue with the calculations, and revise the link to your updated work.


Use Historypin to post photos to a Google map. Write a note or story explaining the photo, and select its time period. Explore the map for photos from different places and time periods. Time periods range from 1840 to the present. This award-winning freeware is especially useful for exploring local history and for school projects. Many of the collections are from libraries and genealogical societies.

Newspaper Clipping and Animation Generator

Spice up the content for your presentation, school project, or class website with the tools on Use the simple Newspaper Clipping Image Generator to create your own news story image – you provide the name of your paper, date, headline and story. Or create an animated conversation by talking squirrels, tomatoes, flowers, owls, cats, and more. For really short content, and intros, try ninja text or the movie clapper board. After your generate your content, you can embed it on your website, or link it to your project or presentation.

Photo: Pixlr Image Editor and App

Pixlr is an image-editing and creation service useful for students and teachers for presentations, projects, and graphic design elements for classroom websites. It comes in three flavors.

  • Pixlr Express is designed forsimple editing and quick touchups – especially useful for previous users of the now-defunct Picnik photo editor.
  • Pixlr Editor gives you the ability to work in layers and transform your images to a greater extent. It is also useful for basic graphic design.
  • And Pixlr mobile apps for iPad/iPhone and Android devices offer image editing similar to Pixlr Express. The free version of the mobile app does have ads.

No account is required for the web-based version of Pixlr, and Pixlr does not store any user images.

Photo: PhotoFunia and app

PhotoFunia is a free online photo special effects tool that students and teachers can use to jazz up a presentation, school project, or classroom website. Upload a photo with a face, pick from more than 500 special effects and watch the magic happen!.

Registration is required. PhotoFunia is also available as an app for iPad/iPhone.