Flashcard Stash – Study Vocabulary for All Subects

Flashcard Stash provides an innovative flashcard based study tool that is built on top of a dictionary. The makes it easier to create flashcards using dictionary definitions. The site has a number of features, such as engaging games, the ability to add images to flashcards, and a spaced repetition algorithm that tells you when to study.

Create your own list of vocabulary words or use those already available on the site. These include several foreign languages and SAT test prep.

Dial-a-Teacher New Mexico

Dial-a-Teacher is a free homework help service for K-12 students in New Mexico. Help is available from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm, Monday-Thursday, from licensed teachers in English or Spanish.

SparkNotes Study Guides

SparkNotes is most noted for its study guide for literary works commonly studied in high school and college. But the site also offers study guides, flash cards, and practice quizzes for many subjects.  They include biography, biology, chemistry,  computer science, drama, economics, film, health, history, literature, math, philosophy, physics, poetry, psychology, sociology, and US government and politics.

cueFlash eFlashcard Maker and Flash Card Decks

Use cueFlash to study for your quiz or exam by creating virtual flashcards to help you study. This web based eflashcard system has thousands of card sets created by other students. Students can create their own decks, share them with classmates, and study. A Deck Knowledge Meter tracks how you’re doing as you review your flashcards.

Free registration is required. As of this writing, the accompanying iPhone/iPad app was not acccesible.

Study Stack Games and Apps

Create flashcards, share them with classmates, or find sets already created. Study them using more than a dozen activities and games. These include matching, crosswords, hangman, scrambled word, or bug chase. There are also quiz and test activities. You have the option to print your study stack for off-line review. or by using them with applications on your cell phone, PDA, or iPod.

The Study Stack app is available for iPad/iPhone and Android devices. There are no in-app purchases and it is ad-free as of this writing. This makes it the ideal online and app study tool for teachers and students.