This free interactive typing tutorial is designed for K-12 students and teachers.  Using the teacher portal, educators can create secure, private accounts for their students and monitor their progress in keyboarding skills.   Kids can customize the look and feel of their keyboard screen, and teachers can generate printable certifications for students as they progress through the skill levels.  The program provides tutorials, games and skills tests. 

Although it is free, there are ads that run at the start of each level.  The program is used by nearly every large school system in the US.  Tons of positive testimonials from teachers and students.

Digital Passport

These free web-based games and videos help students in grades 3-5 learn how to use digital media responsibly.  They learn digital safety, online respect, and community awareness.  As they play, they earn badges toward a digital passport.  There are accompanying classroom activities, and teachers can monitor student progress online. 

Keyboard: Typing Games Zone

The site offers more than 20 free typing skills games for students. Some are geared to young beginner typists, such as Keyboard Builder for K-3. The games have multiple levels of difficulty that control the keys used and the speed and complexity of the typing game.

Keyboard: Peter’s Online Typing Course

The site offers a set of 29 free typing lessons and typing exercises for beginning typists to help them perfect their skills as to touch typist.
There is a final exam, graduation, and suggestions for how to continue improving your skills.

Keyboard: Touch Typing offers several kinds of progressive typing tutorials and games. The animations are helpful and intuitive. And the site gives you the ability to cut and paste any text you want into a box, then practice typing it. Teachers can create an account for their class to monitor student progress through the skills exercises.

However, as of this writing, the site is heavily ad-laden, and students must watch video clips of ads before starting a lesson.