SparkNotes Literature Study Guides

SparkNotes has study guides and practice quizzes for hundreds of well-known works of literature – both books and short stories.  The guides are extensive and include practice quizzes.  It also includes a section, “No Fear Shakespeare,” which provides side-by-side modern day English translations of Shakespeare’s most popular plays.

Learning about the Author and Illustrator Pages

Learn more about the authors, illustrators and the story behind the works of literature they write. Many of the links include lesson plans and activity ideas for use with the books.

60 Second Recap Book Reviews

The 60second Recap wants to make the great works of literature accessible, relevant, and, frankly, irresistible to today’s teens. Through our 60second Recap video albums, we seek to help teens engage with the best books out there… not just to help them get better grades, but to help them build better lives.

Smirk if you must. Consider this yet another mile-marker on civilization’s road to perdition. But here’s the fact: You won’t get non-readers to read by forcing them to read more. You’ll get them to read by opening their eyes to the marvels awaiting them between the covers of that homework assignment.

With the 60second Recap, teens finally have an alternative to the boring, text-based study guides that have burdened them for generations. And — who knows? — maybe that’s just what they’ll need to begin a love affair with literature, one that will last a lifetime.

CCBC Recommended Books by Grade Level

From site:

The CCBC has created bibliographies and booklists of recommended books on a wide range of themes and topics. We have organized them into the following categories:

Books for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers
Books for Elementary Age
Books for Middle and High School Age
Complete List (All CCBC Bibliographies of Recommended Books)

Many of the lists include books for a wide range of reading ages and will be found under more than one category.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has a collection of more than 68,000 free downloadable ebooks, in their online catalog.  You can search the catalog by author or title.  You can read the ebooks in many formats including online, ePub, Kindle, and plain text.

Some titles include collections of versions for younger children as well as older students.  Aesop’s Fables is an example.

Please note that many titles have copyright restrictions in how they can be used beyond personal reading, such as for display or copying and distribution.