Topics in Precalculus

TheMathPage provides comprehensive explanations and problems in 28 topics related to precalculus.  They range from functions, polynomials and the quadratic equation, to logarithms, factorials, and mathematical induction.

Topics in Trigonometry

TheMathPage provides comprehensive explanations, problems and solutions on all aspects of trigonometry.  Topics include ratio and proportion, the trigonometric functions of the various kinds of triangles, the laws of sines and cosines, circles and arcs, line values, graphs of trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities, a three-place trigonometric table, and some theorems of plane geometry.

Khan Academy Precalculus

Khan Academy has a series of video lessons and interactive practice on precalculus.  The videos cover topics including trigonometry, conic sections, limits, sequences and series, binomial theorem, interest and compounding, polar coordinates, parametric equations, function inverses, logarithmic scale, and more.

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Trig Cheat Sheet

This Trig Cheat Sheet is a pdf reference outlining the most important points of trigonometric functions.  It includes diagrams and definitions of trig functions, facts and properties, formulas and identities, a unit circle, inverse trig functions, and laws of sines, cosines and tangents.

Free Math Help: Calculus

Free Math Help Calculus provides lessons on derivatives, differentiation, Fourier series, infinite series expansion, integration, Newton’s Method, related rates and Simpson’s Rule.