Exponent Game

Play this fun exponent game with Kiwi to practice the six rules of exponents.  The rules are displayed below each question.  If you get a wrong answer, Kiwi will give you a hint about which rules to apply.

Scientific Notation Exponent Game

In the Scientific Notation Exponent Game, kids practice rewriting equations by changing the exponent to get the correct equivalent expression.

Algebra Exponent Workout

This Basics of Algebra Exponent Workout is an interactive where kids practice using exponents in algebraic form.  If they have difficulty, there is an “In Depth” link where students can reviews the rules of calculating exponents.

Exponents Greater than Less than Game

Practice comparing numbers written with exponents.  First you decide the base minimum and maximum numbers.  Then you select the minimum and maximum exponent numbers.  You then get an interactive practice of comparing two numbers with exponential notation.

ThatQuiz Root & Exponent

Students can practice calculation of exponents, roots and logarithms in an interactive quiz format.  You can customize the quiz for level of difficulty, number of problems, timed or untimed up to 30 minutes.