Telling Time with Khan Kids App

The Khan Kids app has a couple of games to help young children learn to tell time.  In one game, kids move the hands on the clock to the time asked of them.

In another game, kids learn about AM and PM using a number line. Then they set the clock to the time asked.  The character describes activities they do during that time of day.

The app is ad free and available for Apple and Android devices.  It’s a truly outstanding app for early reading, math and science skills.

Clock Splat and On Time

Sheppard Software has three telling time games, Clock Splat, On Time Analog Clock Game, and On Time Digital Clock Game.

In Clock Splat, you pick a level: hours, half hours, or quarter hours.  In the game, you match you analog time piece to the correct floating digital time to splat it to score points.  There are two modes, a timed mode and a relaxed mode. with fast and slow options in each of those.

In the On Time Analog Clock Game, kids set the clock hands to the correct time to answer questions.  There are several levels of difficulty.

The On Time Digital Clock Game is similar to the analog version.

How Long Is a Minute?

Can you judge how long a minute really lasts without a clock, stopwatch, or timer?  Without counting in your head?

In this game, you estimate how long a minute lasts, then stop the watch to see how accurate you are.  You get three tries on each game round.

StudyJams Elapsed Time Game

Play this StudyJams game to learn how to calculate elapsed time.  It’s all about adding and subtracting units of time and getting things to line up correctly.  This activity includes step-by-step instructions using word problems, including how to “borrow” units of time.  There are a couple of guided practice problems, then a 7-question test for kids to practice the steps and calculating lapsed time on their own.

Other activities on StudyJams include telling time, converting units of time, and using a calendar.


Learning to tell the time

Learn to tell the time and or measure angles between clock hands.  This interactive teaching resources is packed full of features. At its most basic it can be used to show the time on an clock with a digital display that can be used to compare. But it is also possible to show a protractor and the angles between the hands of the clock. Additionally it can be used to show the current time.

Works great on an interactive white board.