3D Boxes

How many cubes do you need to make a shape? Play the game to find out.

This game introduces kids to the skill of  measuring the volume of 3D objects.  The objects to be measured are cubes and rectangular prisms.

Measurement Videos

NeoK12 offers a set of YouTube videos explaining and illustrating measurements РUS standard vs. metric system, conversions, and units of measure for time, length, weight, volume and chemistry.  All videos and lessons on this site have been reviewed by K-12 teachers and are safe for kids.

ThatQuiz Measurement

Students can practice measuring length in inches and centimeters in an interactive quiz format.  You can customize the quiz for level of difficulty, number of problems, and timed or untimed up to 30 minutes.


MathIsFun: Measurement Index

MathIsFun provides easy-to-understand comparisons to help students remember various units of measurement.  US standard and metric measurements of length, area, volume, weight and mass, temperature and time are explained, as well as conversions from one to the other.

MrNussbaum.com Measurement

Choose from several interactive drills and games to help you improve your skills in measuring and computing standard and metric units of measure.  Additional premium features are available for a fee.