Everfi Financial Literacy Platform

The Everfi unit for for high school students provides lessons and simulations on credit scores, credit cards, insurance, taxes, investing, saving, 401Ks, and mortgages.  This unit is designed for students in grades 9-12 and consists of 6 hours of lessons, followed by a simulation.

Each unit consists of a learning module followed by a simulation where students can practice the concepts learned.  The lessons and simulations take advantage of video, animations, 3-D gaming, avatars, and social networking tools.

The units also provides an executive summary to classroom teachers of student performance.

The Everfi platform is free to K-12 public schools.  Use the contact form on the website to obtain information about implementation in your school or school district.

Peter Pig’s Money Counter app

Android app – Peter Pig helps you learn to count and sort money into jars, and add coins of different denominations.  Uses U.S. currency.  You can also download it for on the Kindle Fire from the Amazon apps store.

Pocket Change

From site: Add up coins to equal the value on the screen. Try to figure out which coins add up, because each puzzle has a set number of coins you must use! Try to solve at least 8 puzzles before time runs out.

Counting Bills and Coins app

For children at many skill levels, this money app helps kids practice identifying coin values and making change.

Get Smarter About Money

From site: Here, teachers can find resources to build effective financial literacy programs. Parents can find resources and tools to get smarter financially, plan for their children’s education and instill good money management habits in their children. Students can find videos, learning tools and resources to plan for their financial future. Resources for grades 4-12.