Rounding Number Game

This simple rounding numbers game for whole numbers.  Customize it by picking a “rounding to” value of tens, hundreds, or thousands.  Then type in a minimum and maximum number.  This generates a series of numbers where the student types in the rounded value.  There are no hints.  If the student types in the wrong value, the game records the error but does not provide the correct value.

Identifying Place Value

Learn and practice identifying place values for numbers up to seven digits – 9,999,999. Play the Identify Place Value game in 3 modes: Count Down, Give Me Time, and 20 Questions.

Sea Shell Rounding

On The Sea Shell Rounding Activity Page, kids look at the number in each shell and round it to the nearest ten to choose the right answer. Keep track of how many sand dollars you ear when you answer correctly.

Hangman Rounding

Kids, round each number to the nearest thousand, then add or subtract. The first person who guesses wrong enough times to build a whole body loses.  As in word hangman, if a number appears in the answer in more than one place, when you guess a number, all occurrences of it display at the same time.  Remember to round BEFORE you add or subtract!

Place Value Puzzler

Place Value Puzzler interactive game helps you practice place values and rounding numbers. You can choose a level from easy to super brain.