TeachersPayTeachers Free Homeschooler Resources

Teachers Pay Teachers has more than 10,000 free resources for download by homeschooling parents.  They include printables in all subject areas and grade levels, holiday themes, activities, assessments, forms and lesson planning.  The site has excellent navigation to help direct you to resources for specific topics, subjects and grade levels.

Homeschool Forum Review

Mothering Magazine offers a forum, “Learning at Home and Beyond,” where homeschooling parents can share curriculum, ideas, resources and reviews of homeschool programs. Most of the discussions focus on early childhood and elementary education.

A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling

From site:

A to Z Home’s Cool community website will help you homeschool your kids from preschool, kindergarten, through homeschooling high school with free online education, home-friendly lesson ideas, educational websites, helpful articles, top homeschool programs, books, materials, curriculum… and best of all… Homeschool Friends!

Home School Legal Defense Association

HSLDA offers free advice to parents on several home schooling topics.  Learn what to consider when deciding on a homeschool option.  Get advice on planning your homeschool journey.  Learn what to consider when teaching your special needs child.  Help your homeschooled teen to decide on electives and help them chart a learning path to a future career or college.

Especially helpful is the information they provide on homeschool laws by state.  You’ll learn what the requirements are in your state for starting homeschooling, including testing and mandatory subjects.

HSLDA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt, religious, membership organization that advocates for homeschooling, defends the civil rights of homeschoolers, and provides assistance to homeschoolers in hard times.