Teachers Pay Teachers Free Resources

Teachers Pay Teachers has more than 50,000 free downloadable resources useful to classroom teachers.  They range from math packets, reading responses and classroom posters, to assessments and activities.  There are resources for all grade levels and subject areas.  The site is easy to navigate so you can quickly find resources for a particular subject, theme, grade level, or type of form. Free registration is required.

Remind – Teacher Communication App

This free text messaging app is designed to provide teachers a safe way to send reminders to students and communicate with parents, using any device.  The app has a lot of flexibility. You can schedule reminders, and send them to an entire class or set of parents, or just one or two. The message system has translators for 70+ languages, making it easier to communicate with your ELL students and their families. You can attach images and assignment files to your texts.

The apps are available for iPad/iPhone and Android devices. Teachers set up your account and classes via the website. Then use any device to send and receive messages.

Printable Crossword Maker

Make printable crossword puzzles for your class with this free crossword maker.  Useful as vocabulary tool in all subject areas. There are hundreds of free crosswords on the site for the vocabulary in middle and high school subjects.

Interactive Whiteboard Resources

This site offers a collection of free interactive whiteboard K-5 math resources for use on both whiteboards and other digital devices. They include virtual manipulatives for addition, multiplication, fractions, shapes, measurements, symmetry, telling time, and problem-solving puzzles. These are non flash-based, so will work well on iPad devices.

Mathematics and Multimedia

Mathematics and Multimedia aims to:

  1. provide a conceptual explanation of mathematical topics and discourage rote learning;
  2. suggest alternative ways of teaching and learning school mathematics ;
  3. share useful and free resources on the internet teachers, students and enthusiasts;
  4. promote the integration of technology in teaching;
  5. create software tutorials and tutorials for other web 2.0 technologies;
  6. encourage teachers, students, and enthusiast to write on the web; and to impart ways on promoting sites on the internet.

To those ends, the site provides a broad range of resources, instructions, guidance, strategies, and news in the world of math.