Multiple Intelligences Interactive Assessment

Literacyworks provides a multiple intelligences inventory for high school students and adults. The site includes an introduction, an interactive assessment with results, and ideas for practicing and improving all of your “intelligences”.

An introduction explains how to use the materials on the site. The assessment is an interactive form of 56 statements in which you rate how accurately each statement describes you. The results give your suggestions on how to best use your top three intelligences to enhance your learning.

A morphing icon takes you to a summary of the eight intelligences and how to engage them. There is also a practice section with ideas for building all of your “intelligence” muscles. And there are resources for additional reading.

Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment

Students can take this 24-question quiz to discover how they are smart. The multiple intelligences described include linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, intrapersonal, interpersonal, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, and naturalistic. This interactive quiz is best suited to students from upper elementary through high school

Descriptions of students’ strengths in each of these styles are provided, along with suggestions for activities to help them learn more easily.

Tapping into Multiple Intelligences

This site is oriented to teachers, but parents and learners will find it useful as well.  It explains Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences concept.  Learners have strengths and weaknesses in 9 areas including verbal, mathematical, interpersonal, athletic, musical to mention a few.  There is an interactive questionnaire that gives you a picture of your areas of strength.  And there are recommendations for how to use the concept to help students in the classroom.