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This is a drama source book for children in grades 3 through 8. Here are:

  • Drama vocabulary words and their definitions, and
  • Activities to help students understand basic theatre concepts and to start developing skills for:
    creating stories to improvise (playwriting and screenwriting), improvisation (acting), scene design, critiquing their work and the work of others, storytelling and puppetry. (See the navigation list that directs you to instructions for using the activities with the children.)

This ‘dictionary’ and set of activities are based on a set of premises that are related to the national theatre standards and child drama/process drama practices. The concepts and activities may act as reinforcement for any drama activity, but are particularly appropriate for drama integrated with general school subjects. Currently we are interested in drama integrated with Social Studies content, but drama is naturally a part of the Language Arts and certainly can be integrated into Science and other subject area lessons. Our intention is that students learn about drama as they learn other subject matter.

The material in the Theatre book is written for the students to read, but you can use the material as a lesson plan and do the presentation yourself.

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