Citation Machine – Free Alternatives

There are some far better options available.  We can no longer recommend Citation Machine as a good bibliography maker for K-12 students.  The free version is so ad-bloated as to be unusable.

If you’re using one of the two most popular word processors to write your paper, then it already has a built-in citation tool for MLA, APA and Chicago formats.  Microsoft 365 Word and Google Docs both have this citation feature.

If you’re writing your paper with another word processor, check out ZoteroBib.  It’s free.  There are no ads.  It does not require you to register or sign in to use it.  It generates citations in MLA, APA, Chicago, and many more formats.  You can choose from more than 30 types of sources.  After you input the source info, you simply copy and paste the citation(s) into your bibliography.

Stop pulling your hair out when compiling bibliographies for your school papers.  Create a headache-free bibliography with Citation Machine.  This tool is designed to assist high school and college students and their teachers to properly reference sources for research papers.  This citation generator creates citations formatted for MLA, APA, and Chicago.