Connections Academy Virtual Classroom

Connections Academy is a tuition-free, fully accredited public education program for students in grades K-12.  As of this writing, it is available tuition-free in more than 30 states.   Students who enroll must meet their state’s public school requirements, such as proof of age, residency, immunizations, previous academic records, state test results, etc.   (Requirements vary by state.)

This online school is a flexible alternative to the brick and mortar classroom.  It provides a state-approved curriculum with state-certified teachers. The school sends you textbooks, a desktop computer configured for student use, and other materials, such as science and art kits. You will need web access for the online coursework. The curriculum includes AP courses for high school students, foreign languages, and technology courses. For all students, there are school clubs and ways to connect with other students in your area.

A designated parent/guardian serves as the “learning coach” and works with the student’s teacher to provide encouragement and ensure students complete assignments and meet schedules. The Academy’s family support program helps you connect with other Academy families for field trips and events