Curriki has a huge library of Open Educational Resources (OER) which consist of lesson plans, projects, units, activities, assessment tools, images, videos, and more. The resources are shared and evaluated by teachers for teachers. Curriki also has a collection of professional development materials.

Free registration is required for full access to the OER. Once registered, you can personalize the content for your situation and students, connect and collaborate with other teachers, add resources to the OER, and evaluate resources in the collection.


Another valuable tool from Curriki is CurrikiStudio. It makes the process of designing and publishing interactive learning content simpler, faster, and affordable.

You can make every lesson interactive with CurrikiStudio. Your lessons become interactive learning experiences ready for remote learning by converting and enhancing traditional classroom material.

Take your video lesson and make it interactive by inserting checks for understanding throughout. Create differentiation paths for students that engage every learner.

Educators praise CurrikiStudio’s versatility and ease-of-use, particularly for remote learning.  They also remark on its interactivity with other platforms such as Google Classrooms and Canvas.

Curriki and CurrikiStudio are stellar websites for teachers and homeschooling parents.