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Last updated: March 18, 2019

These 14 sites help kids and students of all grades to understand the belief systems of different religions.  Several of the sites also include lesson plans and activity ideas for teachers.  Select a title below for more detailed info and reviews.

The Five Major World Religions

In this TedEd animation lesson, students learn the intertwined histories and cultures of Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. It begin with a video, narrated by John Bellaimey, that explores common existential questions of faith, life's meaning, and how these ...
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Intro to Cultures and Religions for the study of AP Art History

This is introduction to Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam for high school students, studying for the AP Art History exam. The text emphasizes the relationship between these religions and the political histories and conflicts of their times. And, of ...
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BBC Religions

BBC helps you explore 20 major religions, along with atheism.  For each major belief system, you can read a brief summary, and learn more about their major beliefs, deities, history, significant people and places, rituals and texts.  You can also ...
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The Bible Dudes offer an informative and entertaining history and summary of this book (these books) underlying the foundation of the Jewish and Christian religions.  They discuss the development of the Bible, its influences, translations and criticisms.  Also available is ...
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Internet Sacred Text Archive

This is library of electronic sacred texts of the world's religions, major and minor belief systems, mythology, legends and folklore.  These are works that are in the public domain or material available under fair use from other websites ...
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Religions of the World

This interactive website details the memberships of the largest religions in the world and the countries where their adherents are located.  The interactive quiz has you order them and locate the countries with the largest number of adherents.  Their is ...
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Overview of World Religions

This extensive overview of world religions contains graphic organizers and timelines so students can see the common religions of geographic areas, as well as detailed breakdowns by belief system.  So, for instance, the chart of Christianity will show all sub-belief ...
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Markville School World Religions

This course, designed for 11th grade students, offers teachers and students a wealth of materials for studying world religions.  The teachers' handouts,  presentations and lecture notes, quizzes, and student material are available here.  The Resources sections has links to many ...
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Religious Affiliation

The Pew Forum posts public opinion polls, demographic reports and research studies about world religious faiths and their members.  This data examines member beliefs and practices, as well as their views on political and social issues.  You can filter the ...
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World Religions Presentations Interactives Games

This site provides links to many resources for teachers and kids on world religions.  There are PowerPoint presentations for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism, Primal-Folk, and Mythology.  Other presentations cover philosophy, Taoism, Confucianism,  and Feng Shui.  There is also ...
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History of Religion

See how the history of religion has evolved geographically.  This brief 90-second timeline displays 5,000 years of the major religions on a world map, along with major world conflicts involving religion.  There is code for you to embed this flash-based ...
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World Religions Homework Help

This website designed for kids discusses the six main world religions, when they were founded, number of members, founder, sacred texts, buildings, branches, beliefs, clothing, ceremonies, and traditions.  There are also links to interactive games and other helpful information. Note ...
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URI Kids World Religions

URI introduces kids to the world's five major religions, and many smaller ones and other spiritual traditions.  By exploring the wonder and diversity of the world's belief systems, it is hoped kids gain an appreciation for people of all faiths, ...
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God In America

How has the "separation of church and state" evolved in America? Learn about the tumultuous 400-year history of religion and public life in the US - from the first European settlements to the 2008 presidential election.This six-hour video series examines ...
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We chose these sites because they are informative and respectful of all world religions. We do not list sites that advocate one religion or belief system over another.