Dogs and More Dogs

From site:  Today, the world is a melting pot of dog breeds. You are just as likely to see an akita trotting out of a Manhattan apartment as out of a house in the Honshu region of Japan, where the breed’s ancestors developed bear-hunting traits hundreds of years ago. While the majority of dog owners worldwide no longer choose their canine pets on the basis of what the dogs were bred to do, all of the roughly 450 recognized breeds are, in one way or another, descended from dog types that date back thousands of years to the beginning of their domestication.

In this interactive game, see if you can match modern dog breeds with the country or region where their forebears arose. As you’ll see, while many of the dogs we know and love have an impressively long lineage, others are younger, owing their existence to the tinkering of breeders over just the last century or two. To begin the interactive, click on the image at left.

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