Every girl can be a scientist, tech guru, engineer or mathematician with this interactive website that aims to transform the way tween girls look at science, technology, engineering and math (or STEM)!  This is the companion site to the Emmy Award-winning SciGirls TV series on PBS.

There is a forum for actual girls to discuss their own explorations with like-minded peers.  Tweens can visit the website to create profile pages and upload their projects, making the site the go-to destination for any girl who is interested in STEM.  Students can stream full episodes of the show online to experience real-world science and math alongside SciGirls from around the nation and successful adult mentors in the field.  Free registration and login is required for this activity.

Additional games that recently made their debut on the SciGirls site include an underwater robot rescue adventure and a social network beehive simulation.  All of the games support the SciGirls mission: to change how millions of girls think about science, technology, engineering and math and prove that every girl can be a SciGirl!  The SciGirls online experience also includes STEM-sational activities and resources for parent to help inspire the SciGirls in their own life.

Career Interest Game

This game, designed for high school and college students, helps you match you skills and interests with careers.  Career possibilities are based on interests grouped into six areas referred to as the “Holland Code” because they were developed by Dr. John Holland.

O NET OnLine Occupations and Careers

O*NET provides tools high school students and adults can use to learn more about careers that would fit them best.  You can browse occupation groups by those with the brightest outlook, similar industry, field of work, etc.

There is a focus search that provides results based on your abilities, interests, skills, tools and technology.  Each occupation is described in detail by the types of tasks performed, equipment and technology used, knowledge required, skills and abilities,  and work activities and environment.

STEM Girls+ Career Exploration

The Girls, Math & Science Partnership’s mission is to get girls, ages 11-17, interested in STEM and STEM careers in math and science. The site has activities, games and videos to engage girls in current science, and help them understand its relevance to their life today, and in the future.

Another section of the site gives girls the opportunity read portraits of some well-known and not-so-well-known female scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. And there are sections with educators and parent resources.


Students, parents and career advisors will find resources here to identify your interests, explore careers, get work experience, and find education opportunities.