ReadWriteThink: Haiku Poem Interactive and app

Using this interactive, students in grades 3-12 can learn about and write haiku. Haiku is a popular Japanese poem in the form three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables, often about nature themes. Use the interactive to brainstorm words. Then write the poem in the syllabic format. Finish your poem with one of the artistic backgrounds provided, or upload your own. There are extensive lesson plans and related resources for teachers to use the interactive at each grade level.

The haiku poetry interactive app is also available for iPad/iPhone and Android devices.

Children’s Poetry Archive

Find a poem or browse a poem by theme, form or poet.  Poetry form examples include ballads, clerihews, couplets, haiku, kenning, limerick, list, monologue, rap, rhyming, and riddle, among many others.  There are detailed biographies of the poets, as well as background stories to some of their poetry.  Poet composers read their poems aloud.

No Water River

No Water River has a video library of delightful children’s poems recited by their authors.  LaTulippe’s blog provides background on the authors, as well as activity ideas and questions teachers can use with their students or parents with their children.

Poetry Webquest

In this Webquest, middle school students use multimedia resources to learn poetry terms, elements, and examples. Students use online resources to analyze the information, and to create their own poetry collection, which is called a “Poetry Anthology”.


Create an acrostic poem, backronym or mnemonic. Fast, free and fun.