UDL Book Builder

Kids of all ages, as well as teachers, can create share, and read digital books using UDL Book Builder.  Teachers can take advantage of the model books that illustrate how to support a variety of learning styles and needs.

CAST is a non-profit organization dedicated to research and development in Universal Design for Learning that supports diversity and differentiated instruction for a broad range of learning abilities, interests and skills. Free registration is required.

CAST Science Writer

Science Writer is an online tool designed to help middle and high school students write lab and class reports on science topics.  It provides a writing structure that supports the essential elements of a science report so students can concentrate on each section at a time.  A SpeechStream toolbar on each page enables students to have their text read back to them, and it includes a dictionary and translator.  Checklists provide help when revising and editing a report.

Teen Ink

Teen Ink is a literary website and magazine written by teens.  It provides a forum where teens can express themselves through poetry, essays, fiction, non-fiction, opinions, reviews, art and photography.  Submissions are welcome. For students, ages 13-19.

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

From site:  Digital Storytelling is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. As with traditional storytelling, most digital stories focus on a specific topic and contain a particular point of view. However, as the name implies, digital stories usually contain some mixture of computer-based images, text, recorded audio narration, video clips and/or music.

Digital stories can vary in length, but most of the stories used in education typically last between two and ten minutes. And the topics that are used in Digital Storytelling range from personal tales to the recounting of historical events, from exploring life in one’s own community to the search for life in other corners of the universe, and literally, everything in between.

Five-Paragraph Essay

From site:  

 You do not have to be a wizard to learn to write excellent five-paragraph essays. You do need some basic skill and practice. At this site, you will find the information you need to learn how to write the essay as well as some writing prompts to help you develop skill. With a little bit of effort, you will create your own written wizardry.