CultureStreet Art

Get inspired by the artists and techniques illustrated on Culture Street, designed for kids ages 9-11.  View video workshops on textile printing, digital photography, pottery, drawing, sculpture, jewelry and screen printing.  Learn from the examples of a broad range of artists.  Try your hand at jewelry design and painting using interactive tools.

The videos are generally less than 5 minutes long.  And much of the content is narrated or illustrated by children.

Artsonia Student Art Museum

Billing itself as “the largest student art gallery on the web,” Artsonia provides inspiration and recognition to K-12 students for their artwork.  This online museum houses millions of works submitted by teachers of their students’ pieces.  You can browse the galleries by type of media used – drawing, painting, sculpture, digital, printmaking, collage, fiber/fabric, photography, mosaic, 3D and mixed media.  And you can browse by school – preschool, elementary, middle and high school.

Students have the opportunity to publish an artist’a statement or comment with their works.  And other students can comment on the pieces in the museum.  The site also posts contests on a variety of themes, for which teachers are invited submit their students’ work.

Origami Resource Center

From site: This origami resource center provides information about the art of paper folding. We provide links to diagrams, databases, book reviews, and ways to be a part of the paper folding community.

In Japanese, the word “ori” means “to fold” and the word “kami” means “paper”. So, “origami” means “to fold paper”. But there’s more to origami than its name. Where did it come from? Were the Japanese really the first people to fold paper? Why do we think of paper cranes when we think of origami? Who folds paper and why do we still do it?
Learn the answers here. The resources include school projects and origami and kirigami for kids.

Artwork by Teens

Teen Ink has a website with artwork created by teens.  You can view and submit works in charcoal, computer graphics, oil paintings, pastels, pen & ink, photographs, photo illustrations, sculptures, watercolors, woodcuts, and others.

Learn Drawing for Kids

Learn how to draw with these step-by-step drawing lessons for kids. The lessons teach children how draw cartoon animals. Each lesson will have 15 or more steps to greatly simplify the drawing process. There are more than 30 cartoons to choose from.