Free Rice Vocabulary and Spelling

Free Rice combines two goals:

  1. Improve core knowledge skills for everyone in dozens of subjects.
  2. End world hunger by providing rice to hungry people.

For every vocabulary or spelling word you answer correctly, Free Rice will donate 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program.

You set the difficulty level of the vocabulary or spelling words. There are five levels, ranging from easiest to hardest.  Important to note that rice is not taken away if you make a mistake. This is a great activity for English language learners too.

When you register, you can keep track of how much rice you’ve donated. You can also join or start a group that tracks donations made by the group. Great idea for classes or schools!

Free Rice has links to other actions you can take to learn more about and to end world poverty and hunger.

This effort is funded by the advertisers and sponsors of the site.