Interactive Ocean Games

In My Ocean, kids take a journey through the major oceans of the world, learn about food chains, the ocean’s health, and conservation of the world’s largest ecosystems.

In the Toothpick Tylosaurus activity, kids use toothpicks to make a skeleton model of a prehistoric sea reptile. The Sea Creature Trading Cards activity invites kids to create and trade a set of 6 prehistoric marine reptile cards loaded with fun facts.

In the Make Your Own Waves interactive, children use a wave simulator to make waves of different sizes.  In the process they discover what factors influence wave size and speed. In the Introduction to Waves activity, children learn about the bodies of water where waves form, and make observations about waves they make with a pan of water.  In Food Web Fun, kids build a simulated marine ecosystems.

Each of the activities and games provides guidances and background resources for teachers.