Mission US

Mission US is a set of multimedia interactive games, designed for kids in grades 5-8, that immerses them in U.S. history at the time of the American Revolution and the Civil War.  Additional missions are planned for coming years.

  • Mission 1, “For Crown or Colony,” students role play as Nat Wheeler, a printer’s apprentice in 1770 Boston. They encounter both Patriots and Loyalists, and when rising tensions result in the Boston Massacre, they must choose sides.
  • Mission 2, “Flight to Freedom,” students play the role of Lucy, a 14-year-old slave in Kentucky. They must navigate her escape and journey  to Ohio.  In the process, they learn that life in the “free” North has its own dangers and difficulties. With the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, will Lucy ever truly be free?
  • Misson 3 takes students to the northern plains to help the Northern Cheyenne tribe to track and hunt a buffalo herd.
  • Mission 4 takes students on an immigrant’s journey in the Progressive era as she works to save the money to bring her family to America.
  • Mission 5 takes students on a exploration of New Deal construction projects.

Each mission has about 10 timed questions, and opportunities to replay with different question sets. Also available as an iPad app.

There is also a short quiz in game format to check students’ understanding of causes and events of these two periods.

Teachers, there are accompanying educator guides with additional activities and links to resources, including primary resources.