Mr Nussbaum Reading Comprehension

This is an interactive site and app with multiple-choice quizzes to short reading passages for students in grades 1-8. Select a grade level, choose a reading passage, then answer the questions about what you’ve read.

The site says the passages “mirror state-mandated assessments.” However, I found the reading passages to be too difficult for the suggested grade levels. I chose a few random passages from Grades 1 and 2, and scored them at reading levels between grades 6 and 8. A few passages from the Grade 5+ section scored at grade 12. So I recommend scoring the reading level of a passage before assigning it to a student.

Content aside, pop-up ads often appear when moving to a new page and must be closed before viewing the content. The authors say there will be an option to block ads sometime in 2018, after a site redesign.

Sections for parents and teachers suggest ways to support your student’s use of the interactives at home and in the classroom.

Additional premium features and app versions are available for a fee.