PBL Works

On PBL Works, teachers can dive into project based learning by selecting a project, and by taking free online courses to learn how to use project based learning in the classroom.  As of this writing, there are more than 70 projects.

Each project includes its estimated duration, target grade levels, content area subjects, common core standards, an overview and work samples.  The courses include How to Manage the Project, How to Assess the Project, How to Showcase Student Work, How to Launch the Project, How to Create a Project Calendar, and How to Get PBL Teacher Certification.

An  interactive map guides you in creating formative assessments of student work. And there are sample student assessment rubrics.

One section of the site is devoted to the growing body of research supporting the effectiveness of the PBL approach to engaging students and improving learning outcomes.

Some of the resources require registration to access or download.