Project Based Learning Professional Development

The Department of Education offers a comprehensive free online course on project based learning for the classroom.  The course entire course takes 8-10 hours to complete and requires registration to obtain a certificate of completion. The training is divided into three levels, with a certificate provided for each level

The Basic Level provides an introduction to PBL and how to design projects that move from a driving question to a culminating event and reflection.  This level takes 2 hours to complete

The Advanced Level guides you through in-depth strategies for implementing PBL, sustaining a project over time, and documenting the work.  This training takes 5-7 hours to complete.

The Leadership Level provides tools for coaching your school staff,  for creating a professional learning plan, and for implementing PBL in school programs.  This training takes 1 hour to complete.

The website also has a Learn More Library.  One part links to video examples of projects in a variety of grade and subject levels.  Another part links to other web-based resources.  And the final section of the library links to PBL lesson plans and activities.