Science Fair Central

From site:  Student Resources – On this website, you will find a clear pathway to help students develop and present successful projects. In the spirit of “begin with the end in mind,” you will also find plenty of example project ideas and some models for students to review. In addition, you will find virtual labs that will help students practice science investigation before they develop their own investigations. Finally, you will find suggestions on how to make outstanding presentations as well as how to set up and run a science fair.

Parent Resources – Whether the words “science fair” fill you with excitement or dread, it’s an experience most parents will endure at some point during their child’s school career. Yes, the prospect of a science fair project can be daunting. But with smart planning and the right resources, the whole experience can be manageable, enjoyable—even fun!—for parents and students alike. Think of it as a learning opportunity for the entire family, including younger siblings who can watch, absorb, and come up with hypotheses and ideas of their own.

Science Fair Coordinator – Are you a non-science person in charge of planning a science fair? No need to panic—your job is to coordinate the fair, not do chemistry. You’ll find all the tools and tips you need on this website.