Snork’s Long Division Game

Kids teach Snork, a loveable monster, how to do long division. As they do so, students learn to master their own long division skills. Kids get helpful hints at each step of the problem. The game does not let the students input an incorrect number.

UPDATE: This game is only available on a third-party site now. It has limited functionality. As a replacement activity, I recommend Mr Nussbaum’s Divide Pal. It operates in much the same way. You pick the number of divisor digits (1 or 2), the number of dividend digits (3-5), and check a box to use remainders.

I have seen students work diligently on these problems, as opposed to pen and pencil worksheets. Their devoted time on task means they learn long division skills more quickly.


Other Long Division Activities and Games

Intro to Division on Khan Academy – an online step-by-step tutorial and practice for mastering long division. The tutorial includes videos, practice problems, quizzes, word problems, and final test on multiplication and division. Teachers and parents can register their kids and track their progress as they learn.

Dividerama! from MathFROG in Canada is another online game for step-by-step long division. Students can click for a hint, but none are automatically given. Students get 16 problems to solve and the game tracks their number of correct and incorrect solutions.

Finally, Mr Nussbaum’s Drag and Drop Math Division provides more challenge with long divisors and remainders. In this online game, kids drag numbers into the workspace to solve the problem. There are several customizations available. They include choices in the number of problems to solve, whether to include problems with remainders, and what type of background to use – plain, lined paper, or graph paper. There are no hints, but the game tracks the percentage of correctly solved problems.