Strides Goals and Habits Tracker

Strides is a website and app for iPhone/iPad that can help teen students manage their hectic school-centric lives. Set and track goals, projects, good habits, and more. It provides four ways to track progress toward your academic, athletic, and life goals.


Use this tool to give you reminders about things you need to do daily, weekly or monthly, or by some other schedule, but sometimes fail to do. You record when you’ve done the tasks as progress toward a goal. Perhaps getting to class on time is a challenge for you. Do you need reminders for extra-curricular activities? This is a good place to add them.


Are you saving money for college? Do you want to increase your GPA? Are you in charge of a fund-raising event? Use this part of the Strides app for important things in your life that can be tracked with numbers toward a specific goal.


This is a great tool for tracking things like your GPA in various subjects – such as subjects you may want to improve. Or track your average in a stat for a sport you’re playing. Track the amount of sleep you get each night. (Did you know teens should get an average 9.25 hrs of sleep a night?)


Use this part of the app for multi-faceted items, that have many parts and a completion or due date. Think term paper. Think college admission. Or school play. Or yearbook. You get the idea.

The free version of Strides website and app lets you track up to 7 items at once. It is useful to teachers, parents – anyone trying to stay on track with their day-to-day and lifelong goals.