That Quiz

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ThatQuiz is a free online resource for math practice and testing. It was written in the summer of 2004 and later expanded according to teacher needs and requests. The original goal was to provide easily accessible software for schools which were not fully utilizing the computers they had in their classrooms. The site has also become popular for students who want extra math practice at home. Although the first tests available were most suitable for elementary school students, new areas have been added for higher grades: algebra, angles, triangles, probability and geometry.

All users have access to all of the tests without registration. There is no reason for students to register since the additional features are only useful for teachers. Registration is free and teachers who choose to register receive record-keeping of scores for their classes. They have access to more precise test-generation tools, can create single tests with questions from different categories, can create matching and multiple choice questions, and can access a public test library. note:  As of this writing, the site also includes quizzes in world geography and English, Spanish, French and German vocabulary.