Iron Age Celts

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This site is about the Iron Age Celts who lived in Western Europe from about the 5th century BC to the first century AD – the early Celts.

The site is for use both at school and at home and is aimed primarily at KS2 children (aged 7 – 11), their teachers and their parents. The emphasis is on facilitating experiential learning to help children enter the world of the Iron Age Celts at their level of understanding, in line with the National Curriculum. We would urge you to visit an Iron Age location, to encourage role-play and to order a box of objects from the Museum for classes to handle and discuss.

A general point which cannot be over-emphasised is how little evidence of the Iron Age survives today. Most of the surviving documentary evidence was written by the Romans – from a Roman perspective. Material evidence is also thin on the ground, consisting mainly of metal objects. Children need to understand that the history of this era was created using supposition, imagination and reconstruction.

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