Poetry4Kids.com is a poetry playground. Kids read and rate the poems on this website. You’ll see funny poems, the newest poems and the most popular poems.  Kids can listen to the author read his poem.

For teachers, there are many wonderful extras.  Below each poem is a reading level and a linked list of the poetic techniques used the the poem.  When you click on the technique, it takes you to an explanation of the poetic technique and other poems by the author that use this technique.

Nesbitt provides a wealth of lessons on how kids can write their own poems.  They can learn how to write a funny poem, learn about poetry rhythm, learn a dozen different poetic forms, and many more poetic styles.

Other resources include a simple rhyming dictionary and a poetic terms dictionary.

If you sign up by email, you can enter poetry contests, participate in a poetry forum, get new poems by email, and even keep a poetry journal.

Ken Nesbitt, the author, is a former Children’s Poet Laureate.  He’s created a wonderful resource for children’s poetry