Sense and Dollars

From site:  Money means a lot of different things to different people. However, no matter how they view it, most people think that money should be managed effectively. But thinking is not doing, as so many of us have found out.

Sense and Dollars was designed to give kids in middle and high school a leg up on acquiring that knowledge. Here, they can practice many effective ways of earning, spending, saving, and investing money in a safe interactive environment. They can explore budgets and credit cards and interest rates – among lots of other concepts surrounding economics and personal finance – using the best educational resources on the Internet. Then, they can apply that background to engage in some real-life money problems young people face now and in the future – planning for a dream prom, handling a family checkbook for a month, and seeing how credit cards can impact the actual price you pay for items. In these activities, they will balance needs and wants with the reality of income, and make informed choices as a result. And they’ll get a chance to use important mathematics skills as well.